Hacienda Aquiares, Costa Rica


A light coffee with a distinctive sweet taste reminiscent of black tea a hint of peach. This coffee particularly suits cafetiere and drip brewing.

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These beans are from the Costa Rican estate of Hacienda Aquaires, a Rainforest Alliance certified farm nestled between the Aquires and Turrialba Rivers on the side of the Turrialba volcano. The drink has a taste reminiscent of black tea with a light peachy fruitiness. It works particularly well in with a drip or immersion brewing method however by opting for a medium roast rather than a light, it is able to stand up to an espresso but gives a fruitier taste than a traditional espresso typically would.

The farm was established by British farmers in the late 19th Century, which perhaps accounts for the distinctively tea-like flavour of the finished cup. It has a light, floral taste with delicate peachy notes and a light acidity.

The farm produces mostly plants of the Caturra variety of the Arabica coffee plant which is typical of farms in Central and South America. Caturra plants have a high yield but require lots of care and fertilisation compared to the Bourbon variety from which it is derived. The fertile slopes of the Turrialba volcano with its two rivers either side of the farm and a third running through it and the high altitude location (820 – 1,300 metres) make the Hacienda Aquaires the perfect location for growing such this particular plant.

The farm uses its own grading system alongside formal grading systems. These beans are of the Aquires Estate grade which is the best of the crop and only selected from the highest altitude plants of at least 1,000 metres above sea level and from the middle of the harvesting season to minimise selecting defected beans. On a standard grading, they are SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) which again indicates grown at a high altitude and having minimum defects. Hacienda Aquaires has its own dedicated washing station which means that quality control of the coffee beans is extremely high, allowing the growers to oversee the whole process to ensure high standards.

As a Rainforest Alliance certified farm, Hacienda Aquaires makes efforts to work in harmony with its natural environment, planting the coffee along elevation contours to minimise erosion and planting alongside native trees which provide shade and to protect indigenous plant and animal species. The estate also has a Green Seal from the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Range (FUNDECOR) for its efforts in protecting the surrounding forests. It is also working with universities in France and Costa Rica to study carbon emissions in the coffee and agriculture industries.

Alongside its work in preserving the natural environment, Hacienda Aquiares also works to help the local community, providing the land for the school, a day care centre, and other community amenities. The estate also sold some of its land at a low cost to residents of the local town to allow people to build their own homes.

Image: Turrialba Volcano by gailhampshire CC-BY-2.0

Roast Medium
Grind None - whole bean, Fine for espresso, Medium for aeropress, Coarse for drip, Very coarse for cafetiere
Origin Costa Rica, Central America
Altitude 1,000 - 1,300m
Taste Black tea, Peach
Brew style Aeropress, Syphon
Bag size 250g
Aroma Floral
Certification Rainforest Alliance
Varietal Bourbon, Caturra
Process Washed
Estate Hacienda Aquiares
Grade Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)


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