Biftu Gudina

A complex, sweet tasting coffee with notes of apricot, lime, hops, and jasmine.

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Biftu Gudina means ‘ray of development’, fitting for this newly established co-operative set up to help small coffee growers to develop their practices and produce better coffee, increase their income, and secure a better future for their families.

Co-operative members grow their coffee in the fertile soils of the  mountains near to Jimma town. Although only established in 2012 the co-operative has already secured an excellent reputation for producing velvety smooth coffees, rewarding growers with four times the previous price fetched for their coffee.

Taste Apricot, Floral, Honey, Jasmine, Lime, Sweet
Origin Ethiopia
Cupping score 91
Process Wet processed
Varietal Heirloom
Roast Medium


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