Kenyan Blue Mountain

One of the most popular coffees, combining the smooth clean taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with the sweet fruity notes typical of Kenyan coffees. Suits all brewing styles but particularly filter and immersion brewing.

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Kenyan coffee growers took some of the plants used for growing Jamaican Blue Mountain and planted them in Kenya’s rich acidic soils. The resulting coffee combines the smooth mildness of the Jamaican coffee with the vibrant fruitiness of Kenyan coffee. In the cup this gives a drink that is dominated by sweet chocolate and caramel notes but with a clean tea-like taste rather than a cloying sweetness, and brightened by juicy blackberry and a sharp dash of citrus. And it has the added bonus of being significantly more affordable.

This particular Blue Mountain coffee was grown by small-holders in Kirinyaga County and processed at the Mugaya Washing Station which is where it was purchased by the entrepreneurial Kenyan business Jowam coffee which was established to connect high quality coffee from small scale coffee growers in Kenya with speciality roasters around the world.

Taste Blackcurrant, Caramel, Chocolate, Lime
Aroma Chocolate biscuit, Floral
Origin Kenya
Varietal Bourbon, Kent, SL-28
Altitude 1,850
Process Fully washed
Roast Medium-dark