Mysore, India

Mild, easy-drinking coffee from India with a milk chocolate taste and just a dash of black pepper spiciness.

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These beans come from Allana, India’s biggest coffee exporter who  source coffee beans directly from growers in Mysore, Southern India, and process the beans in their own facility where workers sort the beans by hand. The beans are washed and slowly sun-dried which adds a spiciness to these mild tasting beans.

Like most coffee in India, the coffee is shade grown beneath forest canopy which provides a habitat for birds, protects the coffee and soil from sun, as well as keeping nutrients locked in to the soil.

This coffee is mild and subtle in taste which makes for easy-drinking. We really like it brewed in a French Press which brings out a milk chocolate flavour complemented by a black pepper spiciness.

Taste Black pepper, Hint of spice, Milk chocolate
Origin India
Grade A
Roast Medium-light
Process Washed & sun-dried
Varietal Cauvery, Kent, S-795