Fazenda Vale de Sol, Brazil


Sweet natural process coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel, and sweet red fruits. Easy drinking, perfect as an everyday coffee.


This coffee is perfect as an easy-drinking everyday coffee. Brazilian green coffee beans are small and dense, and they seem to be slow to de-gas after roasting, but as they do so the flavour develops and I find that every day after roasting they taste slightly sweeter and take on more chocolate and caramel notes than the previous day. Four days after roasting seems to be a good point to start drinking this coffee.

This coffee was grown by the Garcia family in Sul de Minas which is in the Minas Gerais coffee region of south eastern Brazil. André Luiz Alvarenga Garcia is the third generation of his family to grow coffee, although not all on this particular farm. Fazenda Vale de Sol was purchased by the Garcia’s in 2008 and they have since set about moving the farm towards more organic methods of production, significantly decreasing the amount of pesticides and artificial fertilisers used. They have also planted native fruit trees and banana plants in amongst the coffee plants to provide shade, prevent erosion, and to protect the health of the soil.

The Garcia’s also take good care of their workers, providing good pay and end of harvest bonuses, new housing, and transport for their children to get to school to prevent them from dropping out of education.

The coffee is hand-picked initially and then when the majority of the fruits reach peak ripeness, they are mechanically picked. The coffee cherries are then laid out on patios and turned every hour until the moisture level is reduced to 50%. They are then gathered in to thicker piles and dried to 11.5% which can take up to 21 days. They are then transferred to wooden hoppers and stored for a further 20 days before being hulled and bagged ready for shipping. This slow process still around the beans makes the coffee sweeter and adds more complexity to the flavour.

Weight N/A
Taste Caramel, Milk chocolate, Red berries
Origin Brazil
Altitude 860 - 950 masl
Varietal Catuai
Process Natural
Cupping score 82.75
Roast Medium