Here are the answers to some questions that we’ve been asked. If your question isn’t answered, please feel free to get in touch via coffee@roastinghouse.co.uk

Why are your coffee beans so expensive?

At first glance it may seem like our coffee beans are expensive, however our coffee works out to be around 20-50p per cup, which is far cheaper than your local coffee shop. We offer incredibly fresh, high-quality beans which we hope you’ll find is worth the cost.

We only ever buy high grade coffee beans whereas some roasters buy commodity grade which works out much cheaper but is of an inferior quality. We also source our coffee from farms who are making concerted efforts to produce coffee in a way that is sustainable and which pays its workers a fair wage. This of course means that the coffee beans are expensive, but we think it’s worth it in the long run.

Another area in which other roasters are able to cut costs is by roasting in larger batches. We roast in really small batches because it allows us to drastically reduce waste (we only roast as much as we need) and also means we do not have roasted coffee sitting around waiting to be sold so the product that you get is as fresh as possible.

Where does your coffee come from?

Because we’re very small, we can’t go direct to farms and buy the coffee as that involves expensive travel and is only cost effective if you’re able to buy very large amounts. Therefore we source our coffee from UK based importers who are able to buy coffee in larger batches and then split it down for small roasters like ourselves. Our main supplier shares our environmental ethos and sources coffees from sustainable farms around the world and provides traceable information so we’re able to check up on what we’re getting. We select coffee that has come from farms with good sustainable practices and who pay their workers a fair wage as well as providing essential things such as housing and education. Many of the farms have accreditation such as Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade although we don’t specifically look for that as often small farms who are doing good work are unable to afford the certification process.

Where can I buy your coffee?

The best place to buy our coffee is here on our website. Because of our ‘roast fresh to order’ approach, we don’t often stock our coffee in shops (although if you’re a shop and you’d like a small amount on a regular basis please get in touch via coffee@roastinghouse.co.uk).

Why do you no longer offer free Nottingham delivery?

Unfortunately we just can’t do it anymore. After 3 years of cycling around Nottingham delivering coffee we’ve decided that the daily abuse and stress from cycling in Nottingham is just too much. We still love cycling but these days just do it for fun away from busy roads. If you’d like for us to reconsider this, please write to your local Councillors and MPs and ask for safer road conditions.

Can I have some coffee now please?

Sure, head on over to our online shop!



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