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We’re still open for individual orders!

Last month we announced that as of 1st September we will be subscription only. Well it is now¬† nearly the end of September and…we’re still open for one-off orders!

We were completely blown away by the support and feedback we’ve had since making that announcement and have thought long and hard about whether or not we’re doing the right thing. This small business thing is hard sometimes! Eventually we decided that we would stay open for one-off orders after all, but we still need to make some changes if we are to continue. Our initial difficulty with buying in additional stock beyond coffee club still stands we we’re going to continue limiting the stock that we hold. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll be buying in additional stock of any particular coffee once it’s sold out as the amount that we need to order in is far more than we can realistically sell before the coffee starts to lose its freshness and we don’t want to send anybody stale coffee.

We also need to limit our roasting to one day a week as this allows us to operate more efficiently – it takes a lot of energy to heat up a coffee roaster but once it’s at the right temperature it requires less frequent bursts of extra heat to maintain optimum temperature, so it’s best to do more batches back to back rather that heat up the roaster more often for smaller batches. When we were using our smaller roaster it was much easier to roast smaller batches more regularly but now we need to combine roasts more effectively.

We will be roasting on Wednesday afternoons, posting on Thursdays, and doing our local deliveries on Fridays. This means you’ll need to order before midday on a Wednesday to make that week’s roasting schedule.

We hope this strikes the right balance of continuing to give you coffee in a way that suits you while still making the changes we need to continue running our business sustainably.

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