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As of 1st September we will be subscription only

After much discussion of the future of The Roasting House we have decided to focus solely on our Coffee Club subscription. Coffee Club members will still be able to purchase additional coffee but we will no longer offer one-off purchases to non-members.

Coffee Club is by far the most popular thing that we do and represents the vast majority of our sales so by focusing solely on it, we will be able to run more efficiently. Our profit margins are very small and purchasing and storing extra stock for one-off sales is just not cost-effective.

This is going to involve some changes to Coffee Club. Currently we offer 15% off our standard listing price for coffees to Coffee Club members but as we will no longer have a standard listing price, we’ll replace this offer with a flat price for additional coffees.

We will also only be offering delivery during the Coffee Club period so any additional coffees will be sent with your next club delivery.

We are really sorry to those who purchase individual bags of coffee from us but who are not in the Coffee Club. We are extremely grateful for your custom and support, and many of you are repeat customers. However we have been over-stretching ourselves financially and physically for a while now so we feel that is an essential step if we are to continue.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch via

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